How to Customize Acuity Scheduling to Match Your Brand

September 17, 2015

In Episode #3 of Agency Toolbox, we walked through exactly how to set up Acuity Scheduling for your marketing agency. Today, I want to take the customization of Acuity Scheduling one step further and give you the resources to customize your scheduling page to match your agency's brand.

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How to Customize Acuity Scheduling for Your Agency

1. Log into your Acuity Scheduling portal, head to "Client's Scheduling Page," customize any settings you want to change under "Appearance," and then head over to "Advanced CSS."

2. In the "Advanced CSS" section, you can only style HTML elements and class selectors, you won't be able to style any ID's using CSS. You can check out an example GuavaBox scheduling page over in the show notes, as well as get access to my boilerplate CSS template to jumpstart your customizations.

Get access to Gray's CSS template here >>

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