How to Set up Your Agency’s Google Drive Folder System

October 15, 2015
In Episode #8 of Agency Toolbox, Gray goes behind the scenes to share the GuavaBox Google Drive folder system.

Check out for more information on the best Google Drive folder system for your agency.
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Why Use Google Drive Instead of Dropbox for Your Agency

October 8, 2015
In Episode #7 of Agency Toolbox, Gray shares why GuavaBox switched from Dropbox to Google Drive for file management.

Pros & Cons of Dropbox vs. Google Drive:

Dropbox has superior selective sync, a better desktop app, and a better track record for stability.

Google Drive is much better for collaborative files, integrations with HubSpot and the rest of Google Apps, and is more budget-friendly.

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Coming up in Episode #8, Gray will share exactly how he has set up a file structure inside Google Drive that has made GuavaBox more productive and allowed the agency to drive superior results.

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The Best Online Meeting Software for Marketing Agencies

October 1, 2015
In Episode #6 of Agency Toolbox, Gray discusses the online meeting software alternatives and explains why he uses UberConference at GuavaBox and DoInbound.

UberConference is easy-to-use, doesn't require participants to download any software, and is both customizable and cost-effective.

To learn more about how Gray uses UberConference for his marketing agency, GuavaBox, head to

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How to Integrate Acuity Scheduling with HubSpot + Free COS Template

September 25, 2015

In Episode #5 of Agency Toolbox, Gray shows you exactly how to integrate your Acuity Scheduling events into your HubSpot website, and shares a free HubSpot COS HTML template to make it super simple for you.

Head over to the show notes at to learn more and grab your free template.

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How to Customize Acuity Scheduling to Match Your Brand

September 17, 2015

In Episode #3 of Agency Toolbox, we walked through exactly how to set up Acuity Scheduling for your marketing agency. Today, I want to take the customization of Acuity Scheduling one step further and give you the resources to customize your scheduling page to match your agency's brand.

Grab the full show notes at >>

How to Customize Acuity Scheduling for Your Agency

1. Log into your Acuity Scheduling portal, head to "Client's Scheduling Page," customize any settings you want to change under "Appearance," and then head over to "Advanced CSS."

2. In the "Advanced CSS" section, you can only style HTML elements and class selectors, you won't be able to style any ID's using CSS. You can check out an example GuavaBox scheduling page over in the show notes, as well as get access to my boilerplate CSS template to jumpstart your customizations.

Get access to Gray's CSS template here >>

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How to Set up Acuity Scheduling for Your Marketing Agency

September 10, 2015

In Episode #3 of Agency Toolbox, we go behind-the-scenes of the GuavaBox Acuity Scheduling portal so that you can see exactly how to set up Acuity Scheduling for your agency.

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Acuity Scheduling App Review

August 25, 2015

Ever struggle to book appointments with clients or prospects? This is a process that can drag on forever! In this episode Gray shares how Acuity Scheduling can help you streamline your processes and book more appointments. Check it out!

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Announcing Agency Toolbox: A Podcast for Smart Agency Marketers

August 25, 2015

Are you a busy inbound agency owner looking for tools to help run a more efficient operation? If so, then this is the show for you! 

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