The Best Clipboard Manager for Busy Agency Teams: Paste Review

April 13, 2017

In episode #16 of Agency Toolbox, Gray continues to dig into the best productivity tools for agency team members!

This week, we're digging into the always alluring topic of clipboard management. Clearly everybody's favorite 😄

But seriously, having an awesome clipboard manager can save you a ton of time and my favorite is Paste. It's currently $9.99 on the Mac App Store and totally worth the investment.

Watch the episode to see exactly how I use Paste on a daily basis and check out the show notes here.

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Databox Review: Automated Client Reporting for Agencies

April 7, 2017

In episode #15 of the Agency Toolbox podcast, Gray digs into an awesome new reporting app called Databox.

Watch the episode to learn about why automating your client and internal reporting is so valuable, hear the 4 primary apps agencies are using for automated reporting, see example agency dashboards, and learn how to set up your agency's reporting inside Databox.

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